Тема "Хобби". Английский язык, 4 класс.


1)Hobby is something you like to do in your spare time.
2) If you have chosen a hobby to your taste, your like becomes more interesting and exciting.
3) The most popular hobby is collecting things.
4) People collect stamps, coins, toy soldiers, pens, pictures, badges and many other things.
5) Usually people make special thematic collections.
6) Some people are fond of travelling, gardening and growing flowers.
7) Many boys and girls are fond of sports and music.
8) My best friend’s hobby is dancing.
9) As for me, my hobby is sport.
10) I’m fond of playing computer games.
11) I like dreaming.
12) I’m not fond of collect .
13) My favourite hobby is reading.


Вот такую тему дочке надо выучить к экзамену.